Subhadra Bhavan is a residential project with top-class premium apartments in Mayapur. It is one of the very few buildings in Mayapur that has Deep Pile Foundation and is resistant to the strongest earthquakes and floods. You can choose 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK or DUPLEX apartment with an option to fully customise the interior. We have finished the construction of First Floor Slab, and are open to booking. Contact us now to get an early-bird discount.

Artistic View of Subhadra Bhavan


Subhadra Bhavan will be a perfect home for the devotees planning on purchasing a flat in Mayapur. We want our residents to dedicate their time to the Lord and not worry abut the daily hassles of accommodation. As said, Subhadra Bhavan is one of the very few residential buildings in Mayapur that has Deep Pile Foundation and is resistant to the strongest earthquakes and floods.

One more unique feature about this project is the level of transparency and honesty we are maintaining with our buyer devotees. We are making the pictures/videos of construction public along with the details of the apartments on the our website. At the same time we have avoided extravagant spendings on unnecessary items and kept our profit margin very low. This way our devotees can have the best apartment at the best price as compared to other flats for sale in Mayapur.


  • Collaboration with SPS Group (Elegant Steel), India’s No.1 producer of QST bars
  • Collaboration with Lafarge India Pvt Ltd and Ultratech Cement Ltd, two market leaders in manufacturing of cement
  • Resistant to the Strongest Earthquakes projected to hit India in future
  • Strong Foundation with equally distributed weight
  • Superior Quality building materials
  • Expected lifespan of 200+ years
  • Additional safety measures in case of fire
  • Structural Design has been done by Mr. Majumdar who has 30+ years of experience and at present is one of the best Structural Engineer of residential buildings in India.
  • Deep Pile Foundation has been constructed by Mr. Haripada who has 35+ years of experience in this field has has done numerous multi-storeyed projects in Kolkata.
  • The superstructure (RCC Columns, RCC Roof Beams and RCC Roof slabs) is being constructed by Mr. Sarkar who has 25+ years of experience all over IndiaSome of his notable projects in Mayapur are The Isodhyan and The Gita Bhavan.
  • Subhadra Bhavan has Deep Pile Foundation going 56 Feet beneath the Ground. Other multistoreyed buildings in nearby areas have Raft Foundation not more than 10 Feet deep.
  • This provides the building structure with 100+ years of extra longevity, resistance to even the strongest earthquakes and to decades of continuous floodings that are projected to hit India in the next few decades.
  • Subhadra Bhavan has the most ideal location for our devotees and is only 7 minutes bicycle ride from the TOVP.
  • The apartments of Subhadra Bhavan includes the following features:
  • A-Class Elevator,
  • 24×7 Security
  • Pooja Room as per preference
  • Septic Tank for Sewage Water Treatment,
  • Underground Reservoir for Fire Safety,
  • 2-Wheeler Parking Space
  • 4-Wheeler Parking Space for Sale
  • Wi-Fi Hub inside Building
  • We have uploaded the pictures and videos of day-to-day progress of construction as well as the delivery receipts of materials used.We want to maintain a high level of honesty with our devotees and leave no scope of doubt.
  • For example, Subhadra Bhavan is standing on 96 Piles (50-56 Feet Deep), and you can check the pictures from each and every day of construction of Deep Pile Foundation.

You can consult any Engineer and be assured that whatever is drawn on paper, has gone into the structure. It is our humble request that if you are checking out flats in Mayapur Dham, kindly ask for the builder to present pictures/videos of rod bindings in foundations, columns, roofs and of the delivery receipts of Cement/Steel Bars.

Pictures Above: The latest update on construction as of  October 7, 2017.

For more details and pictures please visit: Construction of  Subhadra Bhavan