We believe in maintaining absolute transparency with our devotees who wants to purchase an apartment in Mayapur Dham. For this reason, we are uploading all the necessary documents on our website. Below is the structural design of the building.

P.S: The images are subject to copyright and unauthorized use of the pictures without permission is prohibited.

Full Screen View of Structural Design

Below are the Laboratory Test Reports of the brands of Steel Bars we have used in Subhadra Bhavan. All the physical and chemical properties are much higher than ISO standard for Steel Bars Fe-500D.

  1. Concast Maxx TMT Bars Test Report
  2. Elegant QST Bars Test Report

Below are the Delivery Receipts of Steel Bars and Cement, as a proof that we have used the brands that we claim. Details about pricing are hidden as per the request of the supplier. Please note that the quantity of Steel Bars used in the Deep Pile Foundation of Subhadra Bhavan is 4 times of what is used in a typical building at Mayapur.